Progress with citizen inclusion and
territorial cohesion.
Navarra, your progress,
Our challenge.



About CNAI

CNAI emerged as a public enterprise of the Government of Navarra created in 2001 to respond to the linguistic training needs of the Navarrese and in order to facilitate and promote language learning.

Since its inception, CNAI has acquired new skills in the field of training, expanding its offer of services to make available to public and private agents of Navarre a wide range of services focused on the implementation of learning models.

As a state-owned entity of the Government of Navarra attached to the Department of Education, CNAI presents itself as a means/tool of the public sector that channels and promotes innovation and educational development projects. In other words, CNAI advocates for an inclusive, quality, innovative and research-led education that takes into account all Navarrese people.

Supporting progress by citizen inclusion and territorial cohesion.

We are a means at the service of citizens, who are part of a community wanting to design their own future and we do this through three vectors: promotion of multilingualism in language learning, progress towards digitalization and access to training for employment.

Innovation and methodological development in language teaching-learning processes contributes to optimizing the international positioning of Navarra, improving their communication skills in different languages.

Digitalization is not only a necessary step to place Navarra at the forefront of technological development and digital education, but also a tool to move towards building a more just and equitable society by reducing the digital divide between its citizens

Training for employment is key when it comes to boosting and promoting training that contributes to the personal and professional development of working people (employed and unemployed), improving their employability and their promotion at work.

We have a highly qualified team, which develops and promotes new educational methodologies, learning tools and services, always focusing on the latest trends.

Throughout our career, European projects and local programs have been launched, with a high social impact.

Innovation for quality learning is our driving force, it is the basis for the competitiveness of our society, of our public administration, as well as of the various social and business stakeholders.

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Our Team

Individual commitment to collective effort is what makes a team, a company, a society and even a civilization work”” – Vince Lombardi


Portrait ofJuan Luis García Martín

Juan Luis García Martín


Portrait ofMaría Asiain Ansorena

María Asiain Ansorena

Directora Financiera

Portrait ofMª José Merino Lumbreras

Mª José Merino Lumbreras

Directora de Formación
para el Empleo

Portrait ofMarina Muñoz Bobo

Marina Muñoz Bobo

Directora Pedagógica

Portrait ofIgnacio Redondo Domínguez

Ignacio Redondo Domínguez

Responsable de Programas
de Formación para Adultos

Portrait ofKarla Goñi Suberbiola

Karla Goñi Suberbiola

Responsable de Marketing
y Comunicación

Portrait ofVirginia Correro Baigorri

Virginia Correro Baigorri

Técnica de Formación
para el Empleo

Portrait ofFrancisco Goya

Francisco Goya

Técnico de Formación
para el Empleo

Portrait ofFrancisco Javier Igea Ayala

Francisco Javier Igea Ayala

Técnico de Formación
para el Empleo

Portrait ofMaría López Romero

María López Romero

Técnica de Formación
para el Empleo

Portrait ofMª Pilar Moral Ciria

Mª Pilar Moral Ciria

Técnica de Formación
para el Empleo

Rafael Iribarren Gasca

Rafael Iribarren Gasca

Asesor jurídico

Irache Elizaga Erro

Irache Elizaga Erro

Técnica de Formación
para el Empleo

Cristina Gonçalves Rodrigues

Cristina Gonçalves Rodrigues

Técnica de Formación
para el Empleo

Alicia Álvarez González

Alicia Álvarez González

Técnica de Formación
para el Empleo

Leyre Pérez Gil

Leyre Pérez Gil

Técnica de Formación
para el Empleo

Silvia Díaz Anguita

Silvia Díaz Anguita

Técnica de Formación
para el Empleo

Portrait ofBeatriz Duque Vázquez

Beatriz Duque Vázquez


Portrait ofPilare Etxeberria Iribarren

Pilare Iribarren


Portrait ofAna Juango Farea

Ana Juango Farea


Our Teachers

Meet our faculty!

A multidisciplinary team of teachers with extensive teaching experience and an innovative and personal approach to education that combine their training and experience.

Dynamism, professionalism, empathy and a great motivation for their work are the main characteristics of our team and their involvement in the development of our programs constitutes CNAI’s main value.

Portrait ofNathan Read

Nathan Read

Portrait ofDavid Lindstrom

David Lindstrom

Portrait ofCatherine Garayoa Goñi

Catherine Garayoa Goñi

Portrait ofSteven Evans

Steven Evans

Portrait ofUchenna Ugwuja Attama

Uchenna Ugwuja Attama

Portrait ofVirginia García Castro

Virginia García Castro

Portrait ofSara Ramos Manjón

Sara Ramos Manjón

Portrait ofJavier Fraile García

Javier Fraile García

Portrait ofEkaterina Angelova Chauseva

Ekaterina Angelova Chauseva

Portrait ofPaula Esarte Lizuain

Paula Esarte Lizuain

Portrait ofElena Bosch Eseverri

Elena Bosch Eseverri

Portrait ofAnder Cilveti Soba

Ander Cilveti Soba

Portrait ofDiana Hernández Rodríguez

Diana Hernández Rodríguez

Portrait ofEnara Paternain Ezpeleta

Enara Paternain Ezpeleta

Portrait ofAritz Remiro Zoco

Aritz Remiro Zoco

Portrait ofNoelia Ros

Noelia Ros