CNAI seeks to promote the improvement of the communicative skills of the Navarrese people in order to position this community as a plural, competent and global society in which languages are communication bridges for study, entrepreneurship or leisure. To this end, CNAI offers language programs in different languages and for different audiences. 


Find the course that best suits your needs!


Exam preparation

This course aims to promote the acquisition of communicative skills and develop effective strategies that allow students to achieve the necessary preparation to obtain an official language certification.

Senior program

Program for Seniors who want to start or continue their foreign language training in a relaxed way and with a practical approach. Our courses, 100% adapted to the rhythm and needs of the target audience, seek closeness and attempts to bring the foreign language into the students' everyday situations so that they can function fluently in the contexts that so require (trips, leisure situations, etc.)


Active courses

Curso Presencial Inglés 50 +. CNAI Barañáin Curso 2023- 2024

El curso presencial tiene como objetivo ofrecer un formato eficaz que refuerza, a través de un tutor, a los alumnos en su progreso en el aprendizaje del inglés. Este curso está constituido por sesiones presenciales semanales de dos horas de duración.